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Discuss how we can hasten progress towards enlarging representation. There are two primary components to this: 1) educating others in order to gain the public support necessary; and, 2) ensuring implementation via a constitutional amendment.
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Win for 2012

Postby revolution to win » Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:37 am

Educate each other....' Number of representatives shall not exceed 1 for every 30,000,' The first article of our constitution...EXACT WORDS.
At the time for the first census, the state was in charge of counting citizens, assigning districts, and conducting elections. The states submitted
the maximum representatives they are guaranteed by the first article, a total of 106 for 3 million plus people, all recorded by the Clerk of the House.
The second and third census and reapportionments were similar, after the passing of the founders, as each decade came and went, there were
different levels of ' apportioning '.
After the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920 ( the right of women to vote ) there was no change in the number of seats.
In June 1929 the reapportionment Act was passed, stating a fixed number of seats according to the Act of August 8, 1911. The CRASH of Wall Street
occured in October 1929, causing the Great Depression.
Today most people don't know the number of seats ever changed, yet alone the number of seats.

Defend the Constitution with legal remedies, the right to redress grievances of under representation, Check out ' Litigating for more Representation ' forum , and click on
" Actual filing for Litigation"

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