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What deviation of Citizen Political Weight is acceptable?

Post by StriderV »

Throughout this section, you state the various percentages of states that have either high or low "Citizen Weight" and that that is unacceptable.
I agree with all of these examples.

But my question is, how much is acceptable?

I ask, because even if we increase the number of representatives to 11,000 (and meet the 30,000 representation rate) we will STILL have some states with higher or lower citizen weight. Just, rather than being +28.7% to -30.2%, it would be +1.9% to -1.0%.

So, what should we be shooting for if we're using this as a criteria? Is there any legal precedent?
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Re: What deviation of Citizen Political Weight is acceptable?

Post by JEQuidam »

My view is that in the absence of Article the first, Congress would be constitutionally compelled to select the House size that results in congressional district sizes with the least amount of variation in their sizes. This is explained here:
Achieving One-Person-One-Vote equality in the federal House

However, if the intended version of Article the first were ratified, then any House size between 1:50,000 and 1:30,000 should be considered constitutional, IMO.
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