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Created a C# Program

Post by StriderV »

I'm surprised that I never posted this here, as it's related to this discussion... But, maybe I just can't find it.

Anyway, this was a continuation of my C program that I mentioned a while ago. But, now it's on my website so others can also use it.


Then, click on the "Apportionment Tool" link.

I just updated the data to include data from the 2020 census and thought about this forum again.

Pick a census date, then select one of the two radio buttons ("Apportionment Data" and "Actual Population"), then click the "Load Census" button.
Then, you have the option of changing the number of seats to whatever you like.
THEN, click on the button of the Apportionment Type and it will run a new apportionment for that data.

It's very interesting to me to see how increasing the number of seats impacts these things.
Also, if you select "Actual Population" in the data, you can see what sort of impact it would make if we were to give, say Puerto Rico and Washington DC, statehood, while leaving the seat number at 435.
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