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Permissionless Innovation

Posted: Fri Nov 15, 2019 6:08 pm
by Jfree
Perhaps the way to make it happen is simply to do it. The great value of the Internet is permissionless innovation. Don't need to ask permission to do something big and outside the box. And there is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits such an assembly from competing with the existing House in some respects. Indeed, the 1st Amendment would prohibit Congress from simply shutting a competitor down. So the question I ask to anyone reading this is:

What are the actual obstacles that are in the way to simply making this happen? I'm not asking what are the political obstacles that are in the way - currently - of the House deciding to enlarge themselves. Whatever those are, they have prevented the House from making that sort of decision for a century now and I don't see anything on the horizon that will lead them to change. Unless a 'competitor' emerges that forces them to either change or lose their credibility. So how about it?