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Rasmussen and Fox are right wing crank cases

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The statistics show that Rasmussen and Fox are Republican propaganda outlets while Polster and NPR are a lot more trustworthy. IMHO quoting Faux Noise and Rasmussen is a rightarded thing to do. And if you want another major installment of rightarded ignorance and stupidity then take a look at this high dollar video about representation:

It may be that public law 62-5 is the problem as amended by the Reapportionment Act of 1929 (the real problem). But it is quite typical of a Republican to call for repeal of a law and not mention any sort of replacement and to fix the date of the breach in the wrong time and to be totally ignorant of the actual history.
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Re: Rasmussen and Fox are right wing crank cases

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Trucker, I can always count on you to make things partisan.
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